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Co-op “Disker,” the new tillage tool

Our History: July 1947

Co-op “Disker,” the new tillage tool

While in Winnipeg, farmers were invited to visit the Canadian Co-operative Implements factory to watch the manufacture of this disker advertised in our July 1, 1947 issue.

Some effects of the Second World War were still evident — the federal government had increased the annual sugar ration from seven to eight pounds per person per year. (The average Canadian now consumes 88 pounds per year, and teenage boys consume an average of 138 pounds, mainly from soft drinks.) We also reported on a resolution submitted by an air force representative to the Manitoba legislature, asking that the University of Manitoba increase medical school enrolment to relieve a doctors’ shortage, and that returned servicemen be given preference for admittance.

Resolutions passed at a meeting of the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture and Co-operation included a request for the province to find an effective chemical to control couch grass; a simplified form for gas tax rebate; additional compensation for cattle testing positive for TB; a suggestion that automobile insurance be administered by the government and that the government maintain an adequate supply of electrical appliances for distribution to hydro users.

For those still without hydro and/or refrigerators or freezers, the issue contained the first of a series of provincial government articles on locker plants — there were now 56 available in the province for those who wanted to freeze rather than can food for use through the year.

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