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Espousing the benefits of hand separators

Our History: April 1898

The April issue of The Nor’-West Farmer and Miller carried this photo of the Macdonald Creamery at Portage la Prairie, along with an article on the benefits of hand separators.

“The first and most pronounced way in which separators save money is by taking more butter fat out of the milk. It is estimated by no less an an authority than Prof. Robertson that a separator will pay for itself in three years by this way alone.”

It said that separators were another important factor in increasing butter quality.

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“This is a very important consideration, especially when the output of the creamery is sold in England. John Bull is wealthy, and like most wealthy gentlemen, he wants the best that he can get and is willing to pay liberally for what tickles his palate. This fact is emphasized by letters which our dairy commissioner has received from the parties in England who bought Canadian butter last summer. The principal improvement they suggest is in the quality. The quotations in old country papers for creamery showed that last summer Canadian butter took second or third place, coming next to Danish or Swedish. Why was this? Chiefly quality, I think. With cold storage in the creamery and all the way to England, the butter has not much chance to deteriorate after it is made, so we may safely look to the lack of quality nearer home, even at our own doors.”

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