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Learn about fungicides via your VCR

Our History: February 1991

Fungicides were a new concept for farmers in February 1991. To learn more you could watch a video, but that meant sending for a VHS in the mail, not watching YouTube.

In our Feb. 21 issue we reported on a meeting at CSP Foods in Altona (now owned by Bunge), one of three canola-crushing plants owned by the three Prairie Pools. Saskatchewan Wheat Pool CEO Milt Fair spoke at the meeting, and said that SWP had embarked on a different strategy to survive and avoid being taken over by large multinationals. This included purchasing inland terminals in other provinces from Northern Sales and Elders Grain, and making investments in processing/value-added companies such as Robin’s Donuts.

Following a ruling from a binational panel under the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement, the U.S. International Trade Commission had recommended the end of a countervailing duty on Canadian hogs. However, some ITC commissioners said they had no choice because of the panel ruling, but still believed the imports were a threat to U.S. producers.

A release from the Western Canadian Wild Boar Association said it had made the first shipment of 200 carcasses to the Far East, and was identifying other overseas markets.

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