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Dead battery? Don’t panic, plug in the Muscle Man

Our History: November 1976

Dead battery? Don’t panic, plug in the Muscle Man

Blanchard was seeking 200 farmers to sell the Muscleman battery charger/booster along with 100 items on commission in this ad in our Nov. 25, 1976 issue.

The front page reported that Manitoba’s crop yields for the year were up, but income was expected down because of lower prices. The provincial average wheat yield was 27.1 bushels per acre versus 25.2 in 1975. A story alongside said that grain market instability was expected to continue, depending largely on Soviet purchases.

Another story reported that the world faced a possible food shortage unless an international grain stockpile system was set up in the near future. A story earlier that month said the U.S. was likely to re-establish its grain reserve program following the election of new President Jimmy Carter. Senator Hazen Argue, chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture, called for a meeting with Carter to discuss the depressed situation in the grain industry, as Chicago futures had dropped to $2.90 from $4 in recent months.

Also on the front page was news that details had been finalized for a proposed Western Grains Research Fund and that there would be a vote the following March on whether a checkoff would be authorized to fund the research.

Moisture was a concern that month, and a photo showed tractor-powered pumps transferring water from the Assiniboine to the La Salle rivers to replenish winter supplies for farms along the La Salle.

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