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Other Uses For Cola


Many of us love to drink it but what else is cola good for?

Antique your photos by soaking them in flat cola. Using a baking pan, pour enough cola on photo to cover it. Wait about 40 seconds and carefully wipe the picture. Dry it with a blow dryer. Test this on an undesirable image before trying it on a precious one.

Clean a hamster cage. Empty cage and pour cola onto the bottom. Wait five minutes and scrape with a putty knife. Cleans like a dream.

If you want your cola to stay cool as long as possible, get the kind in glass bottles. They are thicker than aluminum or plastic, so they keep the liquid colder longer.

The cat and the dog had a fight leaving a trail of blood on the driveway. Pour cola onto the area. It eats the blood off of the concrete and appears clean like water, unlike sawdust and kitty litter.

Tip: Also, takes grease off of driveways. Saturate concrete overnight; rinse the next day.

To soothe minor stomach aches drink a few sips of flat cola.

Clean ancient bronze coins by soaking them in lye for several weeks and then put into a jar half-filled with cola. Wipe and polish.

For really green grass, spray cola onto your lawn once a month. To get dual benefits of cola, combine and spray: 1 can cola, 1 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup dish soap (green grass and no bugs).

Clean your kettle by adding one can of cola and letting it sit for eight hours. Rinse and wipe.

Tenderize ham. Pour one can of cola into a pan; wrap the meat in aluminum foil and save the drippings for flavourful gravy. Also, marinate steak in cola to tenderize it or pour two cans into a slow cooker with chicken or beef for a delicious effect.

Tip: Add a can of cola to your next pot roast to tenderize it.

Clean battery corrosion. Pour cola onto car battery connections to remove buildup.

Zap the rust from your hitch ball. Fill a deflated balloon with cola. Fasten the balloon over the ball. Let sit for a day. Remove the balloon and scrub hitch ball with an S. O. S pad.

Don’t throw out flat cola; scrub the toilet with it to remove rust and grime.

Tip: Pour a can of cola down a sluggish drain to unclog.

Clean grout with cola. Pour a generous amount on the area, wipe and rinse.

Rub cola on mosquito bites to take away the itch.

Take gum out of hair by soaking the area with cola. Leave for five minutes and wipe off.

I enjoy your questions and tips, keep them coming!

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Reena Nerbas is a professional speaker and the author of three national best-sellers, Household Solutions 1 with Substitutions, Household Solutions 2 with Kitchen Secrets and Household Solutions 3 with Green Alternatives. Books and Household Solutions 1, 2 and 3 gift packs are available online or by calling: 204-320-2757.



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