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Now That’s Good Bread

Beatrice Hosmann of Sandy Lake, Manitoba makes really good bread. I know, because I’m eating a slice right now, toasted, with my coffee!

When Hosmann came to Canada from her native Switzerland just over 12 years ago, she and her family found Canadian bread to be insubstantial. “We Europeans love our bread,” said Hosmann, so she set about making her own.

Thus began the on-farm enterprise of making and selling bread from home. Hosmann makes two types of loaves – Sunday Bread, which is crusty and white, and Health Bread, made with unbleached, whole-wheat and rye flours, plus oats, flax and sunflower seeds. It is notable, however, for what it doesn’t contain, which is no added oil, sugar or preservatives, making it a healthy choice. Bread ordered during the week will be ready for pickup, freshly baked, on Friday afternoon. For $3.50 a loaf, it compares favourably to the rustic breads available at grocery stores.

Recently, Hosmann entered her Health Bread in The Great Manitoba Food Fight 2010 competition, an exciting one-day event held in Brandon. Although it didn’t win, the judges were impressed and offered lots of compliments: “Appealing texture, flavourful, crusty and moist.” “The texture of the dough is outstanding.” “The bread would appeal to health food fans.”

The judges did note however, that the absence of preservatives would inhibit shelf life, but Hosmann is unwilling to compromise on that, nor did she like their idea of selling mixes or frozen dough. For now, Hosmann will continue to sell her Health Bread from home – which is lucky for me, as she doesn’t live too far away!

If you are interested in premium taste and maximum freshness, try a loaf of Hosmann’s bread. In doing so, you will also help to strengthen the local economy, support a family farm and protect the environment.

To place an order and for pickup information contact Beatrice Hosmann at (204) 585-2773.

– Candy Irwin writes from Lake Audy, Manitoba

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