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Not Too Late To Plant

Where did the time go? You were so eager to get started in the garden then suddenly it’s June. That well-planned garden (painstakingly planned during the dreary winter months) was only partially accomplished. Life just kind of got in the way – graduation parties to plan, Mother’s Day, school events, soccer games, waterlogged soil.

Here’s a few ideas that are still possible:

Summer-flowering bulbs– It’s not too late to plant. You might get a shorter bloom time than if you had planted earlier, but this way, you’ll have the bulbs for next summer as well. If the bulbs are considered tender for your zone however, dig them up in the fall and put in storage for the winter.

Herbs– They are such prolific and fast growers that June is the perfect time to plant either seeds or starter plants. The warmer soil and night temperatures will make them take off!

Vegetable seeds– Many have a short enough planting-to- harvest time frame that you can still start from seed in June. Calculate your fall first-frost date, count back to the day in June when you’re planting and find seeds that mature in approximately two to three fewer weeks. That allows two to three weeks of harvesting before Jack Frost arrives.

Flower seeds– Who doesn’t love the look of sunflowers in the garden? Look for varieties that mature in 60 to 70 days and you’ll enjoy the flowers by mid-August. Others to try may be cosmos, zinnia and nasturtiums.

Instant colour– Many garden centres will still have a good selection of annuals and perennials to choose from. These can be planted for some instant outdoor colour.



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