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Manitoba Travellers “Got Cheese”

In setting up its first store beyond its southeastern Manitoba factory, Bothwell Cheese has opted to cater to a significant chunk of its factory store’s clientele.

The company, which makes cheese at New Bothwell, about 20 km northwest of Steinbach, held a media event June 10 to show off its new store in Winnipeg’s James A. Richardson International Airport.

According to CEO Ivan Balenovic, the artisanal cheese-maker had found many of the visitors to its factory’s on-site store over the years have been travellers, buying Bothwell Cheese to take to friends and family out of province, or snowbirds stocking up before flying south for the winter.

The new store offers small snack packs of 10 different types of cheese to take on the plane, as well as full packages of the company’s 30-odd varieties of cheese, Bothwell-branded merchandise such as ball caps, mugs, shirts and bags, cheese-related books and magazines, and accessories such as cheese boards and fondue pots.

The store also offers a computer terminal linked to the company’s website, allowing customers to order and ship Bothwell product anywhere in Canada, marketing director Jason Wortzman noted.

“Certainly for us it’s a unique opportunity,” Winnipeg Airports Authority CEO Barry Rempel said after a “cheese-cutting” ceremony. “This is the first time we’ve taken a product so uniquely Manitoban and offered it to the public in this way.”

While it’s new at this airport, the concept of putting well-known local food on the market at major airports is not uncommon, Balenovic and Rempel both noted, citing B. C. salmon on sale at Vancouver and steaks for sale at Omaha. [email protected]

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