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Making Polar Fleece Car Rugs

Ilaughed at myself when I finished these car rugs. I felt like the pioneer ladies as they made their very practical blankets out of worn-out pants and dresses.

I had so many scraps of fleece since I have been making polar fleece hooded jackets for many years. With eight grandchildren all getting one jacket or vest every year, it soon adds up.

After getting out all my scraps, 6-1/2-inch square ruler, rotary cutter and mat, I started cutting. There were many squares which were sewn together at random into strips. The strips were then sewn together, making them about 36 inches square for our little ones. That covered them nicely without too much bulk in their car seats.

I used a piece of sheeting for the backs and sewed sheeting and blanket right sides together, leaving 10 to 12 inches for turning. After turning and stitching that opening, I then stitched all around the blanket about 3/4 inch from the edge. To make it more stable, I used the quilt-tying method making a tie on every other block.

To make ties: Using yarn and a darning needle, put through the blanket twice in almost the same place, leaving enough on the end to tie. Tie, using a square knot. Trim to about 1 inch.

– Myrlene Currie writes from Carman, Manitoba

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