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Make Some Fabric Frames

I decided to give our pictures (and our living room) a softer look by putting them in a wall hanging instead of wooden frames.

You will need several six-inch strips of fabric which blends in with your drapes and furniture.

Any technique would work but I used the curve system. You could even use a straight piece of interesting fabric – scenery, trees etc. would work fine.


Take two of the strips right side up and overlap two inches. Now cut your curve through both fabrics and sew together. Press. Continue using a little different curve every time until you get the desired size. Square the piece and add borders. I made mine 20 x 30 inches. Use batting the same size – cotton or needle punch batting (nothing fluffy). Cut a piece of fabric for the back. I machine quilted the top and bottom borders. Then I did the binding same as binding a quilt (a 2-1/2-inch strip folded in half and sewn to one side and then folded over to the other and sewn). Add the pocket for the dowling with the top binding.


I had 4 x 6-inch pictures so I cut a piece of fabric (left over from hanging) 5-1/2 x 7-1/2. Put a 4 x 6-inch heavy iron-on pellon interfacing in the centre of each piece. Double fold the edges in so they make a frame to hold the pictures. Fold sides first and secure at each side and then the tops and bottoms and stitch on the very outside edge. Put a piece of Velcro almost the length of the frame and quite close to the top. Then sew the other side of the Velcro on to the wall hanging just where you want your pictures. The pictures can be changed any time. The arrangement of them can be altered just by changing the placement of the Velcro.

You now have an original piece – no other one like it.



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