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Make An Easter Rabbit Jar

One way of delivering Easter candies is by recycling a small jar in which to put them.


– A small jar with straight sides

– White craft foam the circumference of the jar

– 1/2-inch pink pompom for nose

– Black felt pen – Scissors

– Tacky glue or glue gun – Scrap paper for template Directions:

Fold scrap paper in half, and depending upon the size of your jar, draw a template of one-half the rabbit’s head and arms. Cut out and adjust proportions if necessary. Cut out the craft foam using the template. Draw features on rabbit as shown. Glue on pompom nose.

Remove lid from jar. Glue head and arms to side of jar as shown. If desired, make feet out of the craft foam, extending beyond the bottom front of the jar. Glue in place. Fill jar with Easter eggs or jelly beans and replace lid.

– Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg, Manitoba


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