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Make a sealer ring trivet

If you have lots of old rubber sealer rings in your canning cupboard, here’s a way to recycle some of them. I made this trivet for the Christmas turkey by using variegated Sayelle yarn in festive colours, but the choice can be as varied as the hot dishes under which you place these table savers.


7 rubber sealer rings

Sayelle knitting worsted or similar yarn

Needle with large eye

Paper stapler


For each of the 6 outside rings: (Each ring is done separately.) Thread needle with yarn, knot the end and pull first stitch through rubber to secure. Keep winding the yarn around the ring until it is entirely covered, including the knot that you made at the beginning. Hide end of yarn on same side as knot by running your needle under a few strands of initial winding. This will be the back of your sealer rings. Cover 6 sealer rings in this way.

For the centre ring, wind yarn around it all except for the last inch or so. Do not cut yarn, but cut the sealer ring. Placing the outside rings right sides up on a flat surface in the position shown, weave the cut sealer ring in and out of the first six rings. Butt the cut ends together and staple. Finish winding the yarn around the centre ring to complete your trivet.

– Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg

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