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Make A “Hotdog” Pillowcase

A friend of mine gave me this idea which is a quick and fun project. I plan on making each of my eight grandchildren these pillowcases for Christmas.


27 inches x width of fabric for main piece (mine was 42 inches)

9 inches x width of fabric for the top border

3 inches x width of fabric for the trim piece (trim piece could be narrower, ruffled or lace) Directions:

Take the 9×42-inch piece and put right side up on your table. Take the 3×42-inch, fold in half and iron (1- 1/2×42). Put it on top of first piece, raw edges together at the top. Now take the 27×42 inches and place it on top of the others right side down, raw edges together. Pin and then sew along the edge through all sections. Place back on table.

Now for the hotdog part. Fold a little and roll up the large piece in a small roll – almost to the seam line. Bring the bottom border piece up and over the roll and pin to the seam line. Sew again through all layers (being careful not to stitch the roll). Pull the hotdog (roll) out of the border. You have a pillowcase opened up. Press well.

Sew the side and bottom seams wrong sides together. Trim all little threads along the edges. Press and sew them right sides (just a little wider seam allowance so the edges don’t catch in the seam. Press. All the raw edges are hidden.

These can be made with differentcoloured material or all one colour. – Myrlene Currie writes from Carman, Manitoba

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