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Let The Kids Decorate For Thanksgiving – for Oct. 8, 2009

With Thanksgiving coming up why not have the kids make a couple of crafts to decorate the house.

Fall Banner


-White pillow case -Pinking shears

-Fabric paint – brown,

red, light green and yellow -Trays for paint

-Leaf and acorn stamps

-A stick four inches longer than width of

pillow case -Raffia twist -Glue gun


Cut the pillow case in two on its folds. Turn one end under first 1/2 inch and then 2 inches. Sew 1/2 inch up from fold or fasten in place with a line of glue.

Lay the fabric on a covered workspace. Press the stamps into the paint. Do test prints before making final stamp on the banner material. Follow photo arrangement or use your own. Once dry, slide the stick through the fold at top of banner. Tie a length of raffia twist to each end of the stick and hang your banner.

Autumn Wreath


-Coloured paper plates -Tissue paper – orange,

red, brown, green -Raffia twist -Glue


Cut the centre out of the paper plate. Crumple strips of tissue paper and glue them around the opening. Punch two holes in the centre bottom of the plate

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