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Leaving Home

As the end of another school year approaches, many parents will be waving goodbye to their sons and daughters as they leave the farm home to make it on their own. A little bit of home goes with them when we make a special cookbook just for them. We’ll have no problem recalling what they liked best, what they didn’t like and what we hope they’ll be cooking when away from Mother’s kitchen.

Purchase a binder with clear pockets or a smaller-size photo album. Type or glue recipes onto computer paper and slip them into the pockets. If using the photo album, recipe cards fit well and adding a personal note is a sweet idea. Recipes are kept clean and are readily found, they can be easily removed if there are some they don’t care for and replaced with others that you’ll be sure to send. Tabs are made from heavier coloured paper then glued onto the first page of each category. A little bit of home will be with them, wherever they go. – Eva Krawchuk writes

from Winnipeg

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