Keep That Country Feel When Decorating Bathroom – for Sep. 23, 2010

Creating a décor that is fresh and appealing while maintaining a country feel is an easy prospect. The darker wood bathroom boasts great furniture and accessories, and the long wall mirror is actually a cabinet that can hold tons of bathroom items, which is a bonus. If storage is an issue this item is a great solution. It is not very deep so it doesn’t take up a lot of space but it’s large enough to hold lots of small supplies as well as providing a large dressing mirror.


Most of us don’t have a bathroom that is as large as this, but I chose it because along with the great bathroom furniture it has other elements that are eye catching. The large plank pine floor is perfect for the country as is the sisal rug that sits on it. The wood treatment on all of the walls gives the space a sauna-like feel. All of these rough, earthy, textural finishes work well with the clean, white cabinetry. Walls and floors in a country home look good with natural finishes, that are simple and usually quite affordable. The walls are handsome yet rustic and are low maintenance.


For those who prefer a softer look, the lighter bathroom may be a good choice. This room has a soft-pink paint finish over raw wood. The walls are simple plywood which has been detailed using half-round and one-inch wood trim to mimic a tongue-and-groove look. Using this trim technique over existing dated panelling is a great, inexpensive and quick way to update a room. Once done, paint the entire surface in a chosen colour (I’d go with soft white) to unify the look. If you have higher ceilings, adding a shelf that borders the room near the ceiling will provide a great place to display unique accessories.


Speaking of accessories… in the light bathroom, note the twig motif sconces and ceiling chandelier (reflected in the mirror). Items from nature or representing nature work well in a country setting. In this case, the items are painted in soft white to maintain the monochromatic scheme. Don’t be afraid to paint found outdoor items to co-ordinate with your space. Driftwood, for instance, can look awesome when painted and displayed creatively. Interesting rocks or an abandoned bird nest may also work well. Other items that can be fun to use are things like old gardening tools and vintage crockery which can be used to make everything from wind chimes to curtain rods. Keep in mind though – a little whimsy goes a long way.

– Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Winnipeg, Manitoba



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