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It’s all there in black and white

You don’t have to spend a fortune on accessories — look around and use your imagination

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Who says black and white is boring? In a kitchen or bathroom, black and white is a fresh, clean look that is timeless, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on black and white accessories. Using inexpensive black frames in varying sizes, which can be used to frame anything from newspaper clippings to sheet music, is an affordable and effective update. Take your favourite colour photos and print them in black and white for a contemporary yet personal touch.

Other unique items, like architectural salvage finds for instance, can be painted out in either black or white to add to the look. Simple wooden letters or numbers, found at most craft stores or dollar stores, can be painted and hung on the wall — either spelling out a name or verse, or as singular additions. Inexpensive countertop storage containers can be treated in the same way. Other accessories to consider are items like candleholders and candles, bathroom sets (cup, toothbrush holder etc.), black and white linens and bath mats. Even seemingly insignificant items like switch plate covers can be changed to black or white for a uniform look. An inexpensive white shower curtain can be updated with stencils or black and white beads. Black and white patterns can be a great addition so keep this in mind when shopping for linens, shower curtains, mats and accessories.

Freshen up the bathroom further by painting the vanity and the frame around a mirror black against crisp, white walls. Existing bathroom fixtures, like towel bars and cabinet hardware, can be removed and painted in black or white to give them a uniform look or they can be replaced if the budget allows.

In a kitchen area consider painting any mouldings, wainscotting or chair rails in either black or white or how about painting the window and door trim in black for a more graphic style or white for a softer look?

Black and white can be spectacular. Take the plunge.

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Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Gimli, Manitoba.

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