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In praise of apples

Apples, apples, apples, it is the season. What do you do with an orchard full of apples? You make apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce, apple cake, apple strudel, apple soup if you are really adventurous, and you search the web for new and exciting recipes.

I visited an orchard the other day with eight huge apple trees in it. Doesn’t sound like many but they were laden with apples. Each branch was heavy with rosy, peachy-coloured fruit. You could smell the sweetness in the air. I could only imagine what a sight they must have been back a few months ago when the pinkish-white blossoms were covering the trees. The hum of bees could have been heard miles way.

What possesses someone to plant eight apple trees, knowing the abundance that will come from them? I think it is the sheer joy of seeing something so out of your control produce year after year and know that long after you have left this earth that they will be there to remind everyone that you were once here.

You can understand how Johnny Appleseed got so excited about his work. There is just something about an apple tree. The history and the goodness it represents.

So thank you to the lady with the eight apple trees. You know who you are. Because of you my freezer is full and my pie cupboard is overflowing. And this winter when we have that second piece of apple pie and ice cream I will think of you, and spring. – Linda Phillips writes from Roseisle, Manitoba

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