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House For Rent — For A Song

Wait! Don’t throw out those old seed catalogues or colourful magazines. Use them to decorate a birdhouse. Since this project requires neither measuring nor cutting, it is something people of all ages and abilities could enjoy doing.

I used a birdhouse I had purchased, but maybe someone you know who is good at carpentry would enjoy building one for you to decorate. Or perhaps one that has been hanging in a tree for a year or two could do with a facelift.


A wooden birdhouse – the smoother the better Colourful pictures from seed catalogues or magazines White glue, diluted two parts glue to one part water Paintbrush or sponge applicator Clear coating spray


Begin by covering the eaves of the birdhouse. (This is the most difficult part, so if you prefer, you could always paint this part and cover just the sides and bottom of the birdhouse.)

Tear your pictures into small pieces about two inches square maximum, (or smaller, depending on your patience and your supply of pictures). Apply glue liberally to one section of the birdhouse at a time and paste on the pictures, overlapping so as to completely cover the area. Apply another coat of glue over top of the pictures. (It will dry clear.)

Continue tearing, pasting and gluing until the birdhouse is completely covered. Let dry thoroughly and spray with a clear coating, available at most stores that sell spray paint. Hang your birdhouse in a tree and wait for avian tenants to take up residence. – Alma Barkman writes from Winnipeg

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