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Harry’s Tractor – for Oct. 8, 2009

Directly off the assembly line this impressive 4440 John Deere tractor adorns Harry and Shirley Dubyts farm entrance south of Belmont, Manitoba. For retired farmer Harry, shop work is a favourite pastime. He used two-inch PVC pipes to construct the skeleton of his latest innovation. By gluing 416 drink cans together, Harry shaped the body, seat, wheels and tires. Not only does this tractor display an authentic JD steering wheel and oil dipstick, but also flaunts wired-up lights.

After voluntarily assisting with cleansing the cans, it was only fitting that Shirley donate a few of her cosmetics to enhance the hood on the tractor, so Harry used her plastic hand lotion bottles to create realistic-looking exhausts. Spray paint in John Deere colours completed the project. Asked if the grandkids were anticipating fun with Grandpa’s tractor, Harry replied, “never mind the grandkids, the daughters and son assume they are first in line!”

Lillian Deedman writes from Killarney, Manitoba

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