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Growing A Patricia Andrea Geranium

I had not “met” a Patricia Andrea geranium until a few years ago when I received a cutting from White Rock, B. C. It took the flight perfectly wrapped in a piece of paper towel. Before long it had grown to a good size, bloomed and in late summer provided several cuttings. Since then I have rooted several which have been real attention grabbers. It’s quite unusual in that it resembles tulips that are partly open – a vigorous cultivar with shiny leaves, upright growth and a prolific bloomer with large clusters of salmon-coloured flowers. Tolerant of rainy weather, this plant is excellent for containers, borders or houseplants. Cuttings are best when taken the first two weeks of August. Snap off a growth four or five inches long and remove lower leaves or any growth on the cutting. Use a good-quality planting mix and pots that are not too deep or large. Poke a hole in the planting mix, insert cutting and firm the soil securely into the mix. Water lightly and keep out of direct sun. In a short time, you will notice new growth and you are soon to be the owner of another delightful Patricia Andrea geranium.

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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