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Great Idea For Using Up Fleece Pieces

Here’s another waste not, want not idea. This colourful and warm vest is made from small pieces of leftover fleece. It’s easy to make, too.

Use a vest pattern without bust darts. From lining fabric, cut out vest. Sew side seams, leave shoulder seams open for easier application of fleece pieces. Place pieces of fleece, varying each piece. You can pin each in place as you proceed or do one

piece at a time. Trim away excess fabric and

zigzag each piece in place. Continue until lining is covered. Cut 1/4-inch strips of fleece; stitch, using a narrow

zigzag to cover all areas where pieces were joined. Join shoulder seams. For armhole and outer edges of vest, cut fleece into 2-1/2-inch strips. With vest and strip right sides together, sew around vest and armhole edges. Fold strip over as you would if using bias tape, from the inside with 1/2-inch seams, stitch all around, sewing close to first stitching or “stitching in the ditch” to use a sewing term. Ease trim around curved edges to avoid stretching; this prevents curling. Sew a fancy button on each side of waist front. A clip-on chain or short length of fleece can be added to the buttons.

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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