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Give The Gift Of Time

Why is it that we equate Christmas gift giving with spending a lot of money? Time is a person’s most valuable possession and the gift of our time is the most precious gift of all. That is especially true today, given the fast pace of our lifestyle.

Are finances keeping you from experiencing the joy of exchanging gifts this Christmas?

I like the example of the young boy in a tropical country who gave a seashell for a gift. It was an ordinary seashell, but what made this gift extraordinary, was that the particular type of shell could only be found on a faraway beach.

When gently chided by the recipient for going all that distance to get the shell, the boy simply replied. “Long walk part of the gift.”

That’s the secret to gift giving from the heart that does not cost us money but time; time that we give to someone we want to remember with a special gift at Christmas.

A friend of mine was lamenting the fact that her daughter, a busy university student, was spending hours writing Christmas letters to her friends. “Why don’t you just sign the card and say you’ll write later,” she suggested.

“No, Mom, that’s my gift to them, and besides, if I don’t write them now, I never will. You know how it is.”

How true! Many of us have good intentions that never materialize, and before we know it, it’s Christmastime again.

No money to spend on gifts this Christmas? Give your time. Be creative in finding a different way to express your love and appreciation this Christmas. Write that note or letter. Bake cookies for someone. Visit a shut-in or offer to take a senior shopping. Give a coupon offering a babysitting exchange. Give a meaningful gift of your time and consider the “long walk” part of your gift. – Maria Rogalski writes from Winnipeg

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