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Get In The Spirit By Baking

Nothing will put one in the Christmas spirit quite like the sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven, permeating every corner of the house.

A German Honey Spice cookie recipe is a favourite part and tradition of our family’s celebration, and is a legacy from my mother-in-law that I have passed on to my daughters. It has become a special part of their Christmas traditions as well. The recipe calls for honey, cinnamon, cloves and orange rind in the dough which creates a spicy, sweet aroma when baking.

I remember when our children would come home from school and be overcome by that familiar smell, knowing that Christmas was well on its way.

For many of us, Christmas would not be the same without some favourite baking for our family gatherings; recipes that we only make once a year. Home-baked goodies are very much appreciated when shared with shut-ins or other friends and loved ones who cannot do any baking on their own.

Every year, on a Saturday in early December, my sister-in-law gets together for a Baking Bee with her four daughters who all have families of their own. They make several kinds of squares and cookies and divide the delicacies among themselves to take home for their individual supply. What a wonderful way to connect with one’s adult children and enjoy a productive time of fun and togetherness.

My daughter Carla and I bake our Honey Spice cookies together. The recipe makes a large amount and we enjoy rolling the dough and cutting it into shapes while listening to Christmas music and sharing Christmas memories. We also make our favourite gingerbread men that all the younger ones in our family especially enjoy.

Can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit? Get out your bowl, spoon and baking sheets and all those favourite spices. You will be filled with the warmth and true Christmas spirit, guaranteed.

– Maria Rogalski writes from Winnipeg

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