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Gather Up The Cones And Make A Wreath

Nature walks supply us with healthy exercise and many craft materials. If you have a supply of pine cones, why not display them in a wreath? Working on your own or with young people, the cardboard base makes it much easier to assemble.


An assortment of pine cones

Glue gun

8-or 10-inch shaped wire ring

Firm cardboard

Ribbon and small wooden decorations


Cut the cardboard to 2 inches beyond the wire ring. Glue pine cones to the cardboard and wire, staying as close to inside and outside of the wire as possible. When wreath is complete add the bows and decorations. Once the glue has set, turn the wreath over and peel off the cardboard. Add glue to stabilize any loose connections in the wreath. Glue or tie a strip of ribbon as a hanger onto the back of the wreath.

If working with children and they are using the glue gun, be sure to have a ready supply of cold water close at hand to cool the occasional slip with the hot glue.

– Dana Ramstedt is a freelance writer and preschool teacher of 18 years.

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