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or our 50th Anniversary party, I made a hanging guest book. This could easily be made for any


I started with our wedding picture

and then our old farmhouse, continuing on to show the renovated house and the children. The graduation pictures came next and then came the spouses and the arrival of grandchildren. I ended with a picture of our “Cousin Reunion” quilt, which is very important to us, our current home and my husband and I today.


Print the pictures on good-quality, prewashed 100 per cent cotton. The cotton has to be soaked in “Bubble Jet” (a solution that makes ink permanent – check at your fabric store), allowed to dry and ironed. Cut the cotton pieces to the size of the 8-1/2×11-inch computer paper and iron it on white freezer paper. The waxy side holds the fabric firm and able to go through the printer. I took a plain sheet of computer paper and arranged the pictures on it, allowing enough space for a seam allowance. I could copy several on each sheet. There are outlets which will print pictures on fabric if you don’t want to do your own. I used brown material for the house so the pictures would show up and just added the pieces like a patchwork quilt. I added a lot of sky fabric because I wanted the signing to be done in that area.

A cotton or needle-punch batting could be used and any fabric for the back of the hanging. I hand-quilted it and put a rod pocket on the top back for hanging.

Have a dark fabric pen available for guests to write a message on the material.

– Myrlene Currie writes from Carman, Manitoba

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