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Efficiency In The Laundry Room


I can remember my mother doing the laundry on an old wringer washer, then hanging the clothes on an outdoor clothesline. The laundry room isn’t what it used to be and the options in modern appliances and designs have made it an attractive area of the home.

With another school year starting soon the need for an effi cient laundry room is more important than ever. Sports uniforms, school clothes, heavier winterwear and everyday laundry needs will keep you busy. Front-loading appliances are an option which allow you to wash larger items, like uniforms and large quilts with ease. They also offer a larger capacity per load which is time saving and easier on the environment. It used to be that the front-loading appliances were only available to commercial businesses like dry cleaners. Now this technology is available right in our own home.

Most of us are not going to spend a fortune on high-end storage units for a laundry room. You don’t want to put your antique wardrobe in a room filled with moisture. However, additional storage is always a plus, so planning ahead for your storage needs will be helpful in the end. Modular cabinets can be confi gured to help make the laundry room pretty and efficient. Easy-to-clean flooring with a bit of give will be better for your back. Fibrefloor is a product that is easy to dry-lay, usually without adhesive, and has a spongy backing that makes the floor a little softer on the

feet and back. A stool or chair and a folding table are handy to have in the laundry room. These movable items can also be used in other areas of the home if your needs change, so

a little investment will go a long way.

If your room is on the

small side you may opt for open-style storage which will keep the space light and airy. In this case you could choose to have wire rack shelving units on rollers. The options are endless so have some fun with this aspect of the space. Look at your specific needs and go from there. If your budget is tight, simple items like apple baskets, colourful plastic stacking storage units and so on are all fun options.

Finishing touches like pretty window treatments, some greenery and perhaps some sort of entertainment (TV or CD player) will make the time you spend in your laundry room enjoyable. If space allows, having a sink in this area is useful as well as room for an ironing board.

Making a few changes and additions could make a huge difference in how effi cient the laundry room will be. – Connie Oliver is an interior

designer from Winnipeg



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