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Star power advertising, but not for junk food

Entertainment and sports celebrities promote the ‘FNV’ brand

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A U.S. organization that promotes healthy eating is taking a page from the playbook of its junk food competitors.

It’s launched FNV — a brand focused on increasing consumption and sales of fruits and vegetables among teens and moms. Last week it announced a campaign to promote FNV using entertainment and sports celebrities such as actors Kristen Bell and Jessica Alba, WWE Superstar John Cena, musician Nick Jonas, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, Memphis Grizzlies forward Jeff Green, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

The campaign is sponsored by The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), a non-partisan, non-profit that is led by prominent health and childhood obesity advocates, including honorary chair First Lady Michelle Obama.

“FNV was inspired by big consumer brands, whose tactics are relentless, compelling, catchy and drive an emotional connection with their products,” PHA CEO Lawrence A. Soler said in a release. “We want to do the same thing for fruits and veggies, which have never had an opportunity to act like a big brand. Until now.”

The campaign is designed by advertising agency Victors & Spoils.

“Using our freshly minted list of celebrity endorsers, we’ll look to roll out in-your-face marketing tactics that go toe to toe with other big iconic brands. The days of humdrum health messages and finger-wagging PSAs are over,” said chief marketing officer Andrew Nathan.

A teaser video for a broader campaign was posted online last Thursday. The spot features stars with fruits and vegetables set to music, with the words “Prepare to be marketed to” flashing on the screen.

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