Public rallies around loose sow

Within hours the sow had been named and a rescue fundraiser started

pig on a fundraising website

Pigs were in the Winnipeg headlines last week over the fate of a sow that had fallen off a livestock truck and was found roaming near Winnipeg’s south perimeter.

Manitoba Pork says staff, representatives from the Office of the Chief Veterinarian of Manitoba, and the Winnipeg Police Service contained the animal and loaded it onto another truck.

However, pork council chair George Matheson says the public was also quick to respond. Within hours, the wayward pig had been named “Mercy” and a crowdfunding drive set up by a Winnipeg business owner to rehome the pig at a sanctuary.

The owner of the pig had different ideas. Once the sow was inspected and deemed fit for transport, she was sent to the U.S. for slaughter, as was originally intended.

“The determined efforts by an interested group to adopt this pig will serve as a reminder to farmers that our animal care procedures are always closely scrutinized,” Matheson said in the council’s online newsletter.

“As caring and concerned livestock stewards, let’s make sure our farms are always ready for their close-up, whether on YouTube or other media. It is important that we continually evaluate our methods and facilities, and ensure that they are above reproach.”

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