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Whip cream with less mess. Poke the beater ends into a piece of waxed paper large enough to cover the top of the bowl. Whip as normal.

Save the water used to boil eggs. Pour the liquid into houseplants; the minerals are beneficial to the roots.

After you finish painting with washable latex paint, wash your brushes and apply hair conditioner to the ends. Wipe off excess with a paper towel. Bristles will feel as soft as your hair.

Tip: Speaking of hair. For smoother hair add 1 tsp. baking soda to your regular shampoo and shake (the bottle not yourself ).

Stop mildew from forming on wooden utensils. Save the “Silica Gel Do Not Eat” packages that come in shoeboxes and pop them into kitchen drawers or storage boxes. The silica packages will absorb moisture and stop mildew.

Use regular toothpaste and a damp cloth to remove Kool-Aid and juice moustaches from children’s mouths. Wipes off with little effort!

Keep silver from tarnishing fridge by placing a sock onto the end of a metre stick. Move the stick back and forth on the floor.

Line plant pots with coffee sour cream to top tacos or potatoes. Perfect for outdoor dinner parties.

Bread will rise nicely in the microwave if hot bottles of water are positioned in each corner. Cover the dough with a towel and put the bowl into the centre of the microwave.

Clean a coffee grinder by blending a piece of stale bread through it.

Use a baby bottle brush dipped in dish soap and water to clean out hard-to-reach places and small crevices in plastic playdough toys.

Before company arrives, freshen carpets by sprinkling them with cloves and then vacuuming.

Use mayonnaise to remove ballpoint ink marks from hands. Works in a jiffy!

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