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Create your own recycled reindeer

Here’s a quick crafting project that will give new life to an old bulb.


Christmas light bulb (outdoor type)

2 wiggly eyes

1 red pompom

Tinsel pipe cleaners – 5 inches

Red satin ribbon – 5 inches for hanger, approx. 5 inches for bow Hot glue gun


To make the reindeer’s antlers, slightly bend a 5-inch piece of tinsel pipe cleaner in half, making a “v” shape. Make another bend at the two ends about 1/4 inch. Be very careful and hot glue the antlers in place. Glue on the eyes and nose. Make a bow from the satin ribbon and glue in place over the glued antlers. Make a loop for hanging and glue on the back of the ornament.

– Karen Chic writes from Komarno, Manitoba

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