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Create An Atmoshere Of Simple Serenity

You don’t need a large area or expensive

accessories in order to have a restful

haven in your home.

More than ever, we need our home to be a gracious, rejuvenating haven; our refuge from the noise and bustle of the outside world. Every room in the home should be somewhat calming, but of course, the bedroom is the force behind our daily renewal. No computers, no televisions, no cellphones or fax machines; just rest. Rest for the body, mind and spirit is essential if we want to weather daily life and come out on the positive.

This lovely, simple bedroom is a great example of how easy it is to create a cosy space. You don’t need a large area or expensive accessories in order to have a restful haven in your home. In this room, a distressed bed and chair set the tone for a space that is casual yet stylish.


The distressed furniture is relaxed and uncomplicated. It beckons you to put up your feet and not worry about scratching the furniture or leaving water marks with your glass. The wicker chair, also distressed, is deep and well cushioned; just what you need to sink into with a good book after a long day.

All of the elements in this room are from the earth. Wood finishes, flooring and wainscotting speak of Mother Earth; of nature and nurture. No bright, acrylic furniture and jazzy carpeting for this room. Even the bedding maintains the Mother Earth theme with soft botanical patterns in hues of cream and sage green.


In a serene space, monochromatic colour schemes can provide rest for the weary eye. In our feature room, a soft pastel green accented with soft cream tones is soothing to the senses. The lovely wood flooring grounds the space, and is a new eco-friendly, self-install product from Tarkett flooring.

Soft peach and yellow accent pillows add just enough colour to make the space interesting. The bold stripe on the sidechair back cushion supports the colour palette from the bedding in a co-ordinating pattern that is lively in a subtle way.


You’ll notice that this room is devoid of any unnecessary trappings. No piles of clothes, magazines or books to be found. No bric-a-brac on the walls or tabletop to clutter the mind. For some, this lack of decorating items is necessary to keep the mind at peace. I would probably add a scatter rug and a great picture over the bed but for some, less is more.


The large windows in this room are a plus and they are covered with very simple sheers that do not take away from the architectural details of the windows and the wainscotting. Natural light is good for the spirit and letting the sun shine into a room can do wonders for the mind. On the flip side of this, having pull shades for darkening the room is imperative if sleep is what you need.


A chenille throw on the wicker chair is a comfy addition to a cosy corner in which to read or just relax. Additional pillows on the bed, including a neck pillow for added support when reading, make the bed a comfortable place to rest. No doubt the botanical print duvet cover houses a fluffy, soft down duvet; a great choice for the winter months. Flannel sheets are also wonderfully cosy.

Take care of yourself. Serenity begins at home and is easier than you think. Even if you don’t have a budget for new furniture or flooring, remove some clutter, remove the electronics and give yourself a break. Bring in comfy elements like extra pillows (borrow some from the guest room if you have to), comfortable throws and perhaps a fresh coat of paint in a subtle tone. Soothing sounds, like nature tapes (whale songs or what have you), calming scents like jasmine and vanilla (some scents are more conducive to rest than others) and a good book that can take you away for a while, can all bring you closer to simple serenity.

– Connie Oliver is an interior designer from Winnipeg



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