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Christmas Eve

’Tis the night before Christmas And all through the barn, Not an animal was stirring Not even a sound.

But wait!

Tucked away in a corner Upon a blanket and straw, A white cat with a Santa hat Was all that you saw.

Here he sat without a stir

And that sound you hear is his soft purr, Keeping one eye open to sneak a peek If Santa had left him some tasty treat.

For he had been a good cat througout the year

Catching any mouse that would appear, Surely for this he thought Santa couldn’t resist To include him on his Christmas list.

It was early Christmas morn Just as he was about to rise, He noticed a small package Not far from his side.

He pawed it open

And what appeared before his eyes, Was tiny packets Of treats inside.

For each one he truly enjoyed And as he closed his eyes to sleep, He thought this was truly a Christmas That couldn’t be beat.

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