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Canadian Pioneers

Leaving your homeland You journeyed

Bravely crossing the ocean Looking for a better life You came

To a land of bush and harsh climate

To back-breaking work of clearing the land and settling On ten-dollar homesteads.

Every task to be done by hand

With saw and axe you carved a place in the wilderness Hewing trees, extracting roots, picking rocks While scorching sun beat down Mosquitoes and black flies swarmed Muscles ached, joints protested

Husband and wife together working side by side Grateful for so much land

For a country that offered a new life and opportunity For freedom to worship God and build a home.

You became self-sufficient and prosperous Proud of this Canada, spacious, glorious and free

A country enriched by these hardy souls who made Canada their own Today their legacy remains

In the names of towns, cities and landmarks In the prosperity of this nation

In the descendants who proudly remember Canada’s past and the role of the pioneer.

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