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Balmoral Man Carves Works Of Art

Having to use a cane for support can sometimes be viewed as a sign of fragility, but in the herding dog trial world, the prize of a cane is viewed as a badge of accomplishment.

Here in Manitoba we are blessed with a very talented carver of horn canes – Graeme MacKendrick of Balmoral, Manitoba. He says that what he actually makes are crooks and sticks. The crook (what we refer to as a cane with a curved handle) being for use or show with shepherding. The shafts are made of hardwood and the handles are carved from the horns of domestic sheep. He also makes thumb sticks that are used for hiking and shooting.

MacKendrick uses moose antlers as a canvas to produce beautiful scenes on, and nothing is wasted, as any small pieces of antler that are removed are carved into earrings, pendants, brooches, napkin rings, Christmas tree ornaments, letter openers or buttons. Cribbage boards are another of his designs carved from elk antler.

Graeme MacKendrick can be reached by calling 204-467-9127 or emailing [email protected]

– Lorna Wall raises White Dorper sheep and border collies with her husband Pete in Poplarfield, Manitoba

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