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Affordable Gifts They’ll Eat Up

Put some of the joy back into your holiday by keeping gift-giving simple (and tasty!).

December is a favourite month for many people, but getting ready for the holidays can be stressful. Running around to pick out gifts or worrying about how much money to spend can take the enjoyment out of the season.

Put some of the joy back into your holiday by keeping gift-giving simple (and tasty!). Here are a few gift ideas for family and friends:

Give a hot cocoa basket. Fill an inexpensive basket with hot cocoa mixes, small marshmallows and a pair of holiday cups. Include a few peppermint candy sticks for stirring.

Give a jug of apple cider tied with a festive bow. Include hot apple cider spice mix and cinnamon sticks for stirring. For elderly relatives, give frozen individual meals that can be reheated at a later date. They might also enjoy small loaves of quick breads or packages of homemade cookies, cupcakes or muffins.

Find heirloom gifts in your cupboards. Share history with family members by passing down gifts such as serving bowls or plates, creamer and sugar sets, salt and pepper shakers, tablecloths, candlestick holders or serving utensils.

Create your own cookbook. Write down your favourite recipes on decorated recipe cards or create electronic versions. Include recipes from your childhood or ask family members to share some of their favourite

recipes. Place the cookbook into a pie plate or cake pan that is needed for one of the recipes.

Give a snack basket. Line a basket with a pretty towel and include healthy snack items such as peanuts, low-fat whole-wheat crackers, popcorn, granola bars, beef jerky or fresh fruits.

These suggestions should whet your appetite to create special and affordable gifts.

– Mary Caskey is a health and nutrition educator with University of Minnesota Extension.

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