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A Mirror To Make And Take

The travel mirror is ideal when away from home. Easy to slide between packed clothes, and the perfect size to stand on a table yet large enough for shaving or applying makeup. Fun and easy to make.


– 5×7-inch glass mirror (3 mm)

– .5 metre fabric (corduroy, cotton, velvet, denim etc.)

– .5 metre quilted fabric (or other suitable fabric for padding)

– Glue gun and glue sticks – Corrugated cardboard – Jewels, lace, cording or

other notions for decorating (optional)


You can sew or glue these pieces together. I prefer to sew the sleeve.

Cut two 6×17-inch strips of fabric (same colour or co-ordinating) on length of fabric. Cut one 6×15-inch quilted padding (you can use fibrefill as well). With right sides together and padding on side you are using for the outside of the mirror, sew a 1/4-inch seam through all thicknesses, to the 15-inch mark, leaving the lower edge open. Turn and press. Slide a 5×15-inch piece of corrugated cardboard inside of the sleeve. Fold the sleeve and cardboard in half. Sew along bottom edge to close. On the inside of the sleeve, turn up 1/2 inch and glue. Turn up another 1-1/2 inches, press and glue down with glue gun. Crease the upper part of sleeve 1-1/2 inches from the top edge. Apply glue to the 1-1/2-inch bent area across the width of the sleeve (being careful not to overfill). Press mirror in place 1/4 inch from top. Allow glue to dry and cool before handling. Bending the top part of the mirror sleeve backwards, the mirror will now rest on the lower ledge.

These mirrors are fun to make, and are great for bazaars and gifts. Use up your scraps of fabric and have some fun. You will be surprised what you can create using your imagination and your odds and ends. I even used pennies to decorate one. The sky is the limit!

– Jeanette Danielson writes from Winnipeg

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