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Dispelling common misconceptions about herbicide-resistant superweeds

Herbicide resistance is a major problem, but it is not necessarily a result of gene transfer from genetically modified crops

Use of the term “superweed” has exploded in recent years and is frequently featured in news reports about herbicide-resistant weeds choking out crops. While there is no science-based definition for superweed, the term is often used to describe weeds believed to have special capabilities that are helping them outcompete other plants in ways never experienced

New Technology Improves Herbicide Application

Researchers today are transforming weed control with new precision tools and application techniques that can keep herbicides precisely where they belong. As a result, farmers are able to optimize the performance of herbicides and minimize the small amounts that drift off target as they are being applied. One of the latest breakthroughs involves low-drift nozzles

Weed Science Hits The Big Screen

Scientist Jodie Holt typically spends her days researching thistles and other invasive weeds that can play havoc on planet Earth. But when the producers of the blockbuster movie “Avatar” called, she suddenly found herself immersed in the lush plant life of Pandora, the remote moon where much of the film’s action is based. “The filmmakers