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Letters: Glyphosate review warranted

As noted in the article Glyphosate: treating science like a buffet (Manitoba Co-operator, Aug. 19), public pressure has caused Health Canada to delay a proposed increase to the amount of glyphosate allowed on legumes as a residue. The authors of the article then go on to suggest that the idea of glyphosate being dangerous (other

Letters: Concerned for the future of seed

Letters: Concerned for the future of seed

As a farmer I am keenly aware of the importance of genetics when it comes to raising life, be it plant or animal. This does not make me unique, but rather defines a farmer’s historic relationship with the life we have been entrusted with, the idea being that genetics matter. This historic relationship has been

Letters: What’s the true value of life?

A recent article by Allan Dawson on seed royalties included this statement under the ‘why it matters’ heading: “The seed industry says Canadian farmers need to pay more for cereals varieties to make farms profitable.” In my understanding of the world there is a lot of history behind that statement, history which we need to