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Professor decries local-food movement and praises the ‘10,000-mile diet’

Local food is mostly a fad that won’t last because it’s inferior to the “10,000-mile diet.” That was the message University of Toronto geography professor,a Pierre Desrochers delivered at the recent Alberta Beef Industry Conference in Banff. “It really has become a way to protest against ‘the man,’” Desrochers said. “Backwards is the new forward.”

Supply management views aired

It wasn’t quite a debate, but attendees at the Alberta Beef Industry conference in Banff last month got two different views on supply management. On one side was New Zealand’s special agricultural trade envoy Alistair Polson, who said Canada’s protected marketing system for dairy and poultry is a deal breaker for entry into the Trans-Pacific

No deal on national chicken allocation, deadline to revoke letter passes

Alberta Chicken Producers, Chicken Farmers of Canada representatives say they haven’t given up on getting an agreement

The Feb. 22 deadline has come and gone for Alberta Chicken Producers to withdraw its letter of intent to pull out of the national chicken supply management system without a new agreement being struck. “We came as close as we could,” Chicken Farmers of Canada David Janzen said at the Alberta Chicken Producers’ annual general