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GMO labelling may not discourage consumers: Vermont study

GMO labelling may not discourage consumers: Vermont study

Study finds labelling actually increased 
support in some demographic groups

A new study reveals that GMO labelling would not act as warning labels and scare consumers away from buying products with GMO ingredients. The five-year study of Vermont residents focuses on the relationship between two primary questions: whether Vermonters are opposed to GMOs in commercially available food products; and if respondents thought products containing GMOs

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Surprisingly few ‘busy bees’ make global crops grow

Conservation of wild pollinators can’t be based on economics alone

A major international study published in Nature Communications, suggests that only two per cent of wild bee species pollinate 80 per cent of bee-pollinated crops worldwide. The study is one of the largest on bee pollination to date. While agricultural development and pesticides have been shown to produce sharp declines in many wild bee populations,