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Oluwafemi Oluwole compared rural and urban children’s asthma diagnoses.

Study sheds light on low asthma rates in rural children

Rural children less likely to be diagnosed compared with children in cities

Researchers Oluwafemi Oluwole and Joshua Lawson have shed light on findings from previous studies that indicated rural children are less likely to have asthma. Without investigating diagnostic explanations, those studies suggested that early-life exposure to dust and other environmental allergens may have protected rural children from developing asthma. “This may not be entirely the case,”

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Saskatchewan researchers help crack the wheat genome

The development could unlock untapped yield and quality potential

University of Saskatchewan researchers are part of an international team who published the first chromosome-based draft sequence of the wheat genome, a development that promises wheat breeders powerful new tools in developing varieties to meet the challenges of world population growth and climate change. “The release of the chromosomal draft of the wheat genome sequence will accelerate gene

Wild pigs

Serious wild boar infestation in Saskatchewan

Survey finds the aggressive creatures in 70 per cent of Saskatchewan RMs

Wild boar are more widespread in Saskatchewan than commonly believed and control is becoming urgent, according to research by University of Saskatchewan biologist Ryan Brook. “If nothing is done then we risk having more feral boar than people in the province and at that point the costs of taking action are far greater,” Brook said.