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Are small towns doing enough to make immigrants feel welcome?

Are small towns doing enough to make immigrants feel welcome?

Study shows programs and services can’t be ‘one size fits all’

UBC researchers have determined that efforts to make immigrants feel welcome in small, rural towns often miss the mark — despite the good intentions. Assistant Prof. Susana Caxaj, along with Navjot Gill, recently published research examining the well-being of rural immigrants and whether they feel connected to their communities. Caxaj says a sense of belonging,

Developing a love of nature at an early age can help produce a next generation that will care about the environment.

Children who play outside more likely to protect nature

Development of environmental awareness 
necessary for next generation to care for the Earth

University of British Columbia researcher Catherine Broom says children who play outside are likely to care more about nature as adults than kids who don’t spend time outdoors. Research by Broom, assistant professor in the faculty of education at UBC Okanagan, shows that 87 per cent of study respondents who played outside as children expressed

Small communities not ready for climate change

The highest proportion of communities with climate action plans are in Canada’s Prairie provinces

Dramatic differences exist in how Canadian communities are preparing for the effects of climate change, says a UBC professor who helped prepare a report by the National Municipal Adaptation Project (NMAP), a team of university researchers assessing how Canada’s municipal governments are planning for climate adaptation and resiliency. “The good news from our survey is