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Working The Land With Horses

Isn’t it amazing how life unfolds? Although small-scale sustainable farming has always been a passion of mine, it seemed it would have to settle for hobby status. It didn’t seem possible to make a life farming in an unconventional way. But then a book caught my eye. Draft Horses Today showed pictures and told stories

Still Plowing With Horses

Recently as the team and I were out plowing, I noticed a car drive slowly south by the field. There was a day when five horses on a two-bottom plow would not turn any heads. Recently as the team and I were out plowing, I noticed a car drive slowly south by the field. A

Nothing Passé About Old MacDonald’s Approach

Manitoba’s farm media is full of the same story. The stories have different headlines and characters, but the main issue is as recurring as the beat of a drum. “What’s wrong with Prairie agriculture? What’s wrong with the AgriStability program? What’s happening to commodity, fertilizer, and cattle prices?” Sometimes columnists allude to the problems that

The Road Less Travelled

From time to time a signal is given and we circle the wagons for some local history from our guide. As Larry and I are getting our horses harnessed and ready for the ride Charlie loads up the essentials: fence stretcher, small spool of barbed wire, gas can and a chainsaw. There are going to

When Pigs Fly

It’s mid-morning as my boys and I arrive at our friends’ farm. We are here to bring home two young female pigs. We need some pork for our freezer, and we’re thinking of starting a bit of a herd. I back our truck up to the temporary pen in which they’ve been corralled, and together

Second week of rifle season

Fortunately for the freshly fallen snow, I am able to track the wily old buck from where he crossed the fenceline out onto the snow-covered canola stubble. “Looks like he’s heading for the bush next to the hayfield,” I think to myself and trudge off across the stubble. As I near the bush I can