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Cca Establishing Charitable Foundation

The western way of life is renowned for its warm and giving nature, and at their semi-annual meeting in Calgary, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) approved the formation of an arm’s length charitable foundation. “It’s a means for people to put money towards the industry. It provides a tool for people who want to put

Canada Beef’s First President Focusing On Strengths

While the term “mega-agency” has been used to describe Canada Beef Inc. (CBI), its very first president prefers to think in smaller, more specialized terms. “It’s funny, you know, I’ve heard that ‘mega-agency’ term and frankly, I see it a little bit differently. I see it more from a boutique point of view. We’re going

Rumour Mill Wrong About Packers Dragging Their Feet

There is no validity to rumours that meat packers may be reluctant to embrace the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association’s (CCA) Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS), says spokesman Larry Thomas. “On the packer question I can share that yes, we have not been public in sounding the horns about packer support for BIXS, but rest assured we are

Canada Beef Inc. Off And Running

In this case, one head is better than three. Canada Beef Inc. – formed by the merger of Canadian Beef Export Federation, the Beef Information Centre, and the National Check-off Agency – is ready to hit the ground running now that it has a board and chief executive, says the chair of the new agency.

New Technology Threatens GPS In U.S.

Virtually unheard of just a decade ago, GPS (global positioning system) has become indispensable in agriculture. Now the service may be threatened by an emerging technology in the United States. LightSquared, a U.S. broadband company, plans to introduce a new network into the American marketplace later this year, but is currently battling opponents who are

CBEF Votes Unanimously To Join Super Beef Agency

Four months ago, the future of the Canadian Beef Export Federation (CBEF) seemed uncertain at best. But on May 27, members met in Calgary and voted unanimously to merge with Canada Beef, the new national beef-marketing organization. The three big national organizations to be folded into the umbrella super agency include the Beef Information Centre

Auction Marts Need More Information As Traceability Marches Onward

Livestock traceability has moved another step forward after another $1.6 million federal funding, but industry remains uncertain of details, including how and when it will be implemented. “A national traceability system is a win-win for Canadian producers, the value chain, and consumers,” Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said in a release announcing the funding last month.