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Letters: Ag minister Pedersen should resign

Recently my friend had a heart attack. Our young neighbour can’t sleep. A worried widow cries when her kids are in bed. They are ranchers whose operations use leased Crown land. The devastation you and your government have caused to this small group of hard-working Manitobans is unconscionable. The budget will hardly be balanced on

Letters: Manitoba ag minister is disingenuous

Minister Pedersen’s explanation for the “muddling” of the unit transfer issue in a recent letter published on the Manitoba Co-operator website is deceptive at best. Of course the transitional regulation was not operational. Leaseholders were waiting for it to become so… as was promised October 2019. We know that unit transfer was not enshrined in

Letters: Crown land leaseholders betrayed

Our provincial minister of agriculture wants you to believe that he generously gave leaseholders what they wanted after there was a huge uproar over proposed Crown land modernization changes made by then minister Ralph Eichler. That is not the case. After huge leaseholder protests, Ralph Eichler conceded and agreed to bring back family transfers, ensuring

Letters: Crown land sales already raising ire

In response to Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen’s letter in the Jan. 16 issue of the Co-operator: Minister Pedersen, I am new to this part of the world, but not to ranching. And I’m a fast learner. I understand that many producers were unhappy with the old points system used, in this province,

The Manitoba government’s proposed changes to Crown land leases could financially hobble young producers looking to enter the cattle business.

Letters: Crown land changes ‘abhorrent’

My husband and I moved to the Ste. Rose area from Alberta in May of 2019. We have been caught up in the Crown land modernization fiasco. The fact that there was a Conservative government in the province, along with reasonable land prices, made it an attractive place for us to grow our cattle business.