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Three steps to effective pre-harvest weed control

At this stage in the crop year, many farmers are thinking about making a late-season application of glyphosate to control perennial weeds. A pre-harvest pass can be effective weed control, but if it’s applied at the wrong time or under the wrong conditions, it’s just wasted time and money. Farmers shouldn’t rely on it to

Diesel Engine Prices Will Jump

As of January 2011, diesel engines over 175 horsepower installed in new farm equipment destined for the U. S. market must comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Interim Tier 4 emissions standards, which is the next step in further reducing exhaust pollutants in off-road vehicles. Tractors arriving on dealers’ lots in Canada will be

Worthington Ag Parts Closes Niverville Store

The Wor thing ton Ag Parts store in Niverville, Manitoba, a supplier of new and used combine and tractor parts, will close its doors for the last time Oct. 30. The outlet, which originally operated as Rempel Tractor Parts, was acquired by the Minnesotabased Worthington chain in 1994; it has remained that company’s only Canadian

Versatile Launch In Vegas No Gamble

If Dimitry Lyubimov has his way, Winnipeg-based Versatile will follow the lead of AGCO Corp., which rose from obscurity to become one of the world’s major farm equipment manufacturers in two short decades. Lyubimov became president of Buhler Industries in late 2007 when Russian combine manufacturer Rostselmash purchased an 80 per cent stake in Versatile’s

Prairie Manufacturers Target New Markets Abroad

“We’re showing in a big way and hope that our customers from eastern Europe are able to attend.” – DON HENRY, BEHLEN Walking among the displays at Agritechnica, the world’s largest farm machinery exhibition held here in November, anyone from Manitoba or Saskatchewan could be forgiven for feeling a little proud. Canadian and provincial flags

Agritechnica: The World’s Largest Farm Machinery Exhibition

This city, which calls itself the “city of international fairs,” is home to Agritechnica, the world’s largest farm machinery exhibition. The biannual show has seen its attendance rise incrementally to over 350,000 visitors per event since its inception in 1985. DLG, the German agricultural society that organizes the show, reports the number of exhibitors booking

Zero-Till Drill Catches On In Sweden

Most Prairie farm equipment manufacturers looking to expand into overseas need partners for distributing their products. For Saskatchewan’s Seedhawk, that partner was Swedish company Vaderstad, which has an established dealer network, and the partnership is proving successful. While eastern Europe was the market Seedhawk and Vaderstad had expected to capitalize on with Seedhawk’s no-till air

Low-Cost Alarms Improve Farm Security

Farms are home to some pretty valuable merchandise these days. And although rural residents often expect to be able to leave homes and buildings unlocked, they can fall victim to thefts just as easily as city residents, maybe even more easily given their remote locations. So it may be wise to consider just how secure

Two-Way Radios Can Be Useful On The Farm

It seems nearly everyone has a cellphone these days; but although they are useful tools, cellphones have limitations when it comes to communication between machinery operators in farm fields. Unloading from a moving combine is one example of where cellphones can fall short. “The immediacy of cellular communication isn’t fast enough (for jobs such as

Monitoring Key To Safe Grain Storage

“If you had a bucketful of money, you’d be out checking on it every day” – DAVE CROMPTON, OPI SYSTEMS PRESIDENT It’s often been said that grain in the bin is like money in the bank. But that old analogy may not be a good one. Grain in storage is much less secure, even in