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Canadian dollar flirts with U.S. parity

The Canadian dollar has reached parity with its U.S. counterpart because of the Bank of Canada’s commitment to a tightening bias. Despite struggling economies in the U.S. and the euro zone, the Canadian dollar will likely hover around the parity mark for the remainder of the year, according to one analyst. “The Bank of Canada

Hot, dry weather to limit Ontario corn yields

A hot and dry July in Ontario’s key corn-growing regions has limited yield potential for the province’s 2012-13 corn crop. Some fields have survived the weather, but Ontario’s overall corn yields are expected to fall below trend levels. About 20 per cent of Ontario’s corn crop has been severely damaged from the heat wave. About

Canola yield estimates wide-ranging across West

Canola yield estimates across the Prairies are quite varied, ranging from above average to well below normal levels, depending on the area, according to industry analysts. The canola harvest in Manitoba is by far the most advanced on the Prairies. Early yield reports from around the province suggest canola yields are variable, despite high expectations

Churchill shipments expected to remain high

Exports from the Port of Churchill are expected to remain high, as grain companies have used up nearly all of the incentive money offered by the federal government. The port will also be busy exporting new commodities this year. "There’s a very small percentage of the incentive remaining for this year, and there’s upwards of

Prairie feed barley bids strong

Cash bids for barley across Western Canada have seen an increase from last year. Limited supply on the Prairies and adverse weather conditions in the U.S. have contributed to the higher prices, particularly in Alberta. Bids at Lethbridge have moved up to anywhere between $5.75 and nearly $5.95 per bushel delivered to the feedlots, almost

Demand tightens Prairie chickpea supplies

Strong demand and tight global supplies are expected to help strengthen western Canadian chickpea cash bids. Chickpea production in some of the world’s top-producing nations such as India, Turkey, and Mexico were all less than expected. Yet demand has remained steady from end-users in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East, putting more pressure

Prairie winter wheat harvest to start early

The development of winter wheat crops in Western Canada is as much as two to three weeks ahead of schedule and could be harvested in Manitoba as early as next week. Suitable growing conditions and diligent spraying efforts have supported crop development, according to two wheat experts. Western Canada’s winter wheat crop conditions are looking