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Honey bee pollinating sunflower

Keep calm and love bees and other pollinators

Some people don’t like bees but these beneficial insects are among those that should be respected for what they do

Despite the bad reputation that bees and other pollinators sometimes have, they represent an exclusive club. One of a bee’s most important jobs is that of a pollinator. This is an exclusive club of animals that assists plants in their reproduction as pollinators, that includes species of ants, bats, bees, beetles, birds, butterflies, flies, moths

Flood or drought: Which should we expect?

Recent rains have been more than welcome here in the Red River basin after a summer of drought-like conditions in much of the basin and surrounding region. Given the large floods of 1997, 2010, 2011 — and smaller floods in between — you would never have thought we would be looking so anxiously to the