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C’mon in! Australia’s farmland is up for sale

Hard to believe isn’t it? Australia really is for sale! This advertisement appeared in Queensland Country Life, an Australian farmer’s magazine, earlier this month. A few months ago I wrote about the high level of rural debt in Australia. Now it looks like the banks and the farmers, or the farmers and the banks, have

The crisis deepens in the West Australian wheat lands

One economist says that if rural Australia were a member country of the euro zone, 
international financial markets would be refusing to finance the sector

The closer West Australian farmers get to seeding time, which is any time after the end of April, the more intense the debate becomes whether the eastern Wheat Belt will ever be the same again. Now there are reports of farmers abandoning their land and walking off. Enough is enough for some. The old men

Wheat farmers in Western Australia face a financing crunch

Bankers want at least eight per cent for operating loans, and are asking for risk-mitigation insurance

Two weeks ago some 350 farmers, politicians and bankers attended a meeting at Kulin in the heart of Western Australia (WA) wheat country. It was organized by the local representatives of the West Australian Farmers Federation and called “Agriculture in Crisis — looking for a brighter future.” There were no surprises and no answers, just